Wolfgang Ueberhorst (21 September 1952 – 23 November 2017) – SCULPTOR
Wolfgang Ueberhorst was born in 1952 in Bad Godesberg. He studied philology and philosophy in Bonn, Bochum and Munich. He later spent studying sculpture at the Munich Academy. There he also completed his master’s degree. He was a lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich and has lived as a freelance in Italy for many years. Since 2001 he lived in the Municipality of Pomarance, locality Pian dei Falchi, provincial road to Micciano, near the Agriturismo Le Selvole. Since 2001 he has worked extensively on his works and since 2009 he has participated in various editions of M’Arte Montegemoli Arte – Contemporary works and installations in an ancient village, organized by the Free Nature and Culture Academy and the Pro Montegemoli Tourist Association.
In July 2009 he realizes and installs the LUNAPIENA in a typical Tuscan hill near his home. The idea of the artist was to meet with his work the Lunapiena on these dates: Tuesday, July 7 at 22.00, Thursday, August 6 at 21.00 and Friday, September 4 at 20.00 (year 2009).
The work is still close to the “SOLITARY TREE” inside the Farmhouse Le Selvole of Marzoli Vincenzo. Wolfgang had made a great and sincere friendship with the Marzoli family and the work was installed with great joy in collaboration with the Marzoli family. In a truly beautiful and magical position, the opera every evening waits to meet the full moon.