Agriturismo Le Selvole: corso cucina toscana, pasta fatta in casa, gli gnocchi; tanto divertimento, con la cuoca Cristina e le bambine ospiti. Possibilità di partecipazione per grandi e piccoli - Agriturismo Le Selvole cooking class of Tuscan cuisine, homemade pasta, gnocchi; so much fun, with the cook Cristina and the guest girls. Possibility of participation for adults and children

Do you want to learn the secrets of homemade pasta? Or learn to cook typical Tuscan dishes?
Immerse yourself in the magical world of Tuscan cuisine. For one or more afternoons you can learn to cook some typical Tuscan recipes. So you can then offer them to your friends  when you return at your home from the tuscan holiday!

Tuscany is a wonderful Region, why it’s rich in natural areas, cities of art and delicious food. Therefore Agriturismo Le Selvole offers cooking class in typical Tuscan cuisine, so you can share some of this authentic and genuine culinary tradition, why it is made of simple and natural ingredients.

Tuscan cuisine is a „poor“ cuisine, which uses simple and genuine ingredients, mainly meat and vegetables.

The famous Tuscan bread is „silly“ and is used as a base for Zuppa Toscana, Panzanella and Pappa al Pomodoro.

The pasta is very privileged by the typical Tuscan cuisine. Pasta is strictly handmade and seasoned with long-preparing meat sauces (Ragù of chianina, hare Ragù, wild boar Ragù), but also vegetarian ones (mushrooms, artichokes, tomatoes).

Fresh or aged Tuscan pecorino, a cheese made from sheep’s milk, is a must. The cheese is to be combined with honey, jams, pears and walnuts.

Sausages are also important, expecially Prosciutto Toscano (aged at least 12 months). Finocchiona (with minced pork, flavored with fennel seeds and dipped in red wine). Soprassata (produced with the poorest pig waste and flavored with various spices and with the addition of lemon or orange peel and parsley). Lardo di Colonnata (IGP cold cut, that is a protected geographical indication, produced with pork lard aged from 6 to 10 months in Carrara marble basins rubbed with garlic, placing alternate layers of pepper, cinnamon, cloves, coriander, sage and rosemary).

Tuscan cuisine also has a great variety of desserts. These are desserts usually prepared with simple ingredients. Of homely and artisan origins, they are closely linked to the festivities, the religious or agricultural calendar. Among the most famous are the Ricciarelli, the Cantucci (to accompany with Vin Santo), the Panforte and the Cavallucci, the Brigidini and the Pan co‘ santi, the Torta co‘ bischeri and the Castagnaccio, a dessert made with the flour of the prized chestnuts .

So here is our selection of recipes for Tuscan cooking class that we offer our guests: Tuscan Crostini, Pappardelle with meat sauce, Tomato soup, Ribollita, Panzanella, wild boar, gnudi, gnocchi, castagnaccio, and many others. So, Agriturismo Le Selvole organizes typical Tuscan cooking class for small and large groups, for adults and for children.

The cooking class take place in the kitchen in the small garden house near the pool, where you learn to prepare typical Tuscan dishes, accompanied by wines produced on the farm.

It will be mostly an exciting and unique experience, why you can have a way to bring a piece of Tuscany to your home when you return from your holiday!

Agriturismo Le Selvole: corso cucina tipica toscana, esperienza unica per i nostri ospiti
Corso cucina toscana, esperienza unica, bambine nostre ospiti a lavoro!                                        Tuscan cooking course, a unique experience, children our guests at work